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August 23rd, 2019 • Bryan Glazer JCC

Last chase to puschase an MRJ Bobblehead • Donation will be made Aug. 24th

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About Me

My name is Mark Anthony Reyes Jr. I started boxing at 6 years old. I know for most people, that’s a very young age. My father introduced the sport of boxing to me due to my hyperactive behavior. As I grew older, I developed a deeper love for the sport. I began fighting as an amateur boxer, at 12 years old. I won three National titles in the United States earning me the Gold medal in the National Junior Olympics and the crown at 145 lbs. After that I decided to fight in Puerto Rico and won two National titles. My dream was to become an Olympian for 2016 but it was shut down due to an injury I sustained while training. In February 2016, my father and I both agreed it was in my best interest to turn Pro. I had my Pro debut March 4, 2016 and won in the first round by K.O with 1:24s left in the 1st round. On October 6th 2018, I won the ABF Title by way of TKO


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Mark Reyes Jr.

Weight: Welterweight | Birthday: April 5th, 1996
Residence: Tampa, Florida, USA

American Boxing Federation Continental Americas Welterweight Title


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